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We do Samsung Galaxy Repair at unbeatable price

Those curved edge screen in Samsung smartphones are an eye candy for sure but they are way too fragile. They are sure not cheap but one of the main concerns we notice with our customers is whether they are getting the best service with the most genuine replacement parts for their phone. This is where you can rely on us. Samsung Galaxy repair has been our forte since our establishment. At Wireless Outlet, we have been repairing Samsung Galaxy phone introduced in the US and the international versions, and thus, we are confident when we say that we are your best option when it comes to Samsung Galaxy repair.

Below are the few Samsung Galaxy Repair services we offer in Wireless Outlet:
samsung galaxy repair las vegas

  • Screen replacements -Cracked or damaged screens should not make your phone unusable, bring it to us, and we will replace your screen with a new, genuine one.
  • Water damage repair – We all know that sinking feeling when a phone falls into water. Worry not, we have you covered
  • Charging issues – Your phone will not charge? We have your back. We repair charging ports to ensure this problem never recurs
  • Screen protector service – Want a new screen protector? Looking to replace the one you currently have? Visit us for all your screen protector needs.
  • WIFI antenna repair and related network issues – When you have problems connecting to the internet, it is likely that your wireless antenna has a problem. Let us do the repairs for you at an affordable price.
  • Front and back camera repair – We know how annoying being unable to snap pictures and capture videos can be. Having problems with either or both of your cameras? We got you covered.
  • Earpiece, Loudspeaker and microphone repair
  • Data Recovery- If you can’t access the screen but can’t let go off the data, we are here to help you!
  • Unlock & Bypass Google Lock – Yes, you heard it, right! We do by pass Google and Samsung lock in addition to unlocking both local and international carriers.
  • Many, many more!

In a nutshell, why are your best bet when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Repair in Las Vegas?

We have been repairing Samsung Galaxy phones for a long time and have years of combined experience when it comes to Samsung Galaxy repairs. In addition, we are fast and affordable compared to our competitors out there. Most of the repairs are done within same day. All our repairs are backed with 60 days warranty. Last but not least, we will really really take care of your phone!

Where to find us?

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Henderson, NV 89074

Dial: +1(702) 202 4500

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